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3 Steps To Follow Through When You Wake Up Determined To Accomplish All The Things

3 Steps To Follow Through When You Wake Up Determined To Accomplish All The Things

This morning I woke up determined to have a great day.  I had the eye of the tiger. Cued up the “Rocky” music and envisioned myself running those stairs. I just knew I was destined for greatness today. Why? Because as Chance the Rapper says, “I feel like blessings keep falling in my lap.” I felt the need to accomplish several things today and honor my commitment to establishing daily goals to get my life in order.  

All of this is important because I am a master procrastinator. I come up with grand ideas on a daily basis and they range from simply getting out of bed to taking over the world. Dramatic much, right? Lol. The days that I am most productive are the days I have identified simple and attainable goals and don’t waste time getting to them. So I have to do them, not now, but right now and maximize every second of my day.  My determination can be fleeting so I have to make this commitment on a daily basis to feel somewhat successful. This is what has been working for me thus far:

1. Schedule my goals. Write them down somewhere and block off a section of time during my day. I believe if I write something down then this is a contract with myself and it needs to be honored. You see, if I call it a contract then there is more urgency and I view it as more valuable so I am more likely to follow through. A few months ago I invested in a planner (bought it at Marshall’s for under $10 but there are some fancy ones I like as well, such as, Purpose Planner (currently sold out but stay tuned for 2018) and the Full Focus Planner. This planner has helped me to better envision my schedule on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. I can track my work schedule, goals for the week, and things I need to do (phone calls, activities, workouts). I also use it to write helpful quotes and positive affirmations to keep me in a determined mindset.

2. Be as simple and as specific as possible. I used to set my goals by having general thoughts like “Clean the bathroom”, “organize room”, “work out”. Being a therapist has helped me to realize the more specific and attainable the goals are, the more likely I am to accomplish them. So instead of clean the bathroom, I divide it into sections. I may not have time to do a thorough cleaning today but I can wipe down the tub, clean the sink, and change the garbage can. If I am doing a more extensive cleaning then I will schedule this on a day I don’t have to work. Remember, small, attainable goals.

3. Be your own cheerleader. I use the Thomas the train affirmation and instead of “I think I can”, I say, I KNOW I can. It’s a simple as believing in yourself and reminding yourself that everything you do is to make you better. And if it isn’t making you better, then it is hurting you, and that’s not something we want to do.

I set goals daily, weekly, and monthly. I’m still working on making goals in advance so as to not always work on the fly. I am making a commitment to be more intentional each day. I find I am also more productive this way. My current goal setting strategy is to identify 3 goals for the day and order them by importance and ease of accomplishment. So today’s goals were:

  1. Meal prep for the next three days. Pork tenderloin with brown rice and salmon with roasted potatoes. Thank you Trader Joe’s!

  2. Write three blog posts-free form, no editing, simply creating content

  3. Go for a 45-60 minute park workout

I had a few more things I wanted to do today but for the sake of time, this is where I will start. You see- simple and attainable goals. Go forth and be great!

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