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Welcome to my blog. I share my journey through life as I seek to live intentionally. You will find posts on mental wellness, self-care, lifestyle, and travel. 

Simply Kryssie Wellness Series Continues...

Photo by  Lindsay Henwood  on  Unsplash

It's the 1st of the month. :) If you've been keeping up with my posts then you know I started a wellness series last month. Each month will focus on wellness skills related to the mind, body or spirit. In addition, I will also have at least one post as to my personal wellness routine for each of these areas. July focused on the mind. August will move onto the body. There will be posts inspired by my exercise goals, how I am improving my diet to be more intuitive and intentional for my body right now, self-care, and women's health. Please leave a comment on the blog or on Instagram. I would love to get to know anyone who has taken a moment to check out the blog. And thank you!

Wellness posts will be out every Wednesday of the month so be on the lookout!

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