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Summer 17 is Ova! Here's Why I'm Declaring Myself A Staycation Queen!

Summer 17 has come and is almost gone and I haven't done much of anything. Typically summertime brings me lots of energy with it's long days, early sunrises, and late sunsets. I have always declared summer to be the time when I can get a lot of things done, sight see, eat lobster rolls, and frolick on the beach or parlay at some outdoor event. This summer was different. I haven't made time to engage in any of my summer rituals including having regular ice cream dates and runs at the local park. This summer I was on my grind.

I'm on a debt-free journey and so I vowed to sit my arse down somewhere instead of spending unnecessary money. I found ways to have fun without breaking the bank. I also worked more hours which left me in need of more time to relax and recoup my energy.

So what exactly did I do this summer?

Well I had two trips with my family. One was a family reunion to Biloxi, MS and the other was a trip to D. C. Both were short and sweet and were well within my budget. I'll recap those trips in future posts.

When I wasn't working, I was finding ways to explore my state. If you're on a budget and looking for things to do on the low, take a peep at my list and see what may work for you.

  • I went to Yelp events. I'm a Yelp elite which means I have access to their featured events at local businesses. These events are free or at low-cost ($10-40) and give me an opportunity to meet new people. Yelp is a free app/website which allows their users to rate a business by using stars and writing a narrative. To become elite, all you have to do is start writing Yelp reviews and get nominated by a fellow Yelper.

  • I had happy hour at local restaurants. Going out to eat can get pretty expensive and I am not a big fan of waiting to get a table. So Happy hour is where it's at. I can get away with trying several items on the menu, plus a drink, for about $25 or less.

  • I took pictures for the blog. I really love this blog, it's been challenging and rewarding. I'm finding my writing voice and learning the tools to edit, upload, and post content. So I visited my local parks, downtown areas, hiking trails, and eateries for inspiration. 

  • I played with my six-year-old nephew, J. He gives me so much joy and reminds me that life is meant to be lived. We played super heroes, read books, had cooking lessons, and went to the park. He reminded me that I could enjoy life by doing the simplest things. 

  • I gave myself spa treatments at home. Facials, pedicures, and scented baths are all do-able. One of my favorite self-care activities!

  • I explored New York City! Living in CT means I’m only a 2 hour drive or train ride from the city, yes! This summer I attended several events where I networked, socialized, danced, and laughed for free or low-cost.


This summer may not have been as lit as i wanted it to be but I took care of myself, I dumped some debt, met some dope people, and I spent some quality time with my family. I hope you found some ideas of local activities you can engage in that are affordable and rewarding. Let's chat about your summer. Leave a comment below!

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