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Summer Travel Edition: Washington, D.C.


Summer 17 is almost over and I am looking forward to Fall (Autumn babies for the win!). I love to travel and this year I took my travel game up a notch. My Mom sparked the travel bug in me as a child when she would take my siblings and I on random road trips all over the country. I’ve had my passport since I was 13 when I went with Girl Scouts to visit a world center in India. I enjoy exploring places near and far and this has only magnified as I’ve aged. And now that I’m grown and have my own money, I can go anywhere I want when I want. :)

I took one big trip earlier this year to Bali, Indonesia (read about it here) so the rest of my trips this year will be staycations and nationally. Travel is good for the soul. There is something about exploring another culture or area that excites me. I want to share more of these adventures on the blog so I hope you don’t mind and maybe we can chat about your travel adventures or meetup one day.

My most recent trip was to Washington D.C. to visit the National Museum of African American History and Culture. I went with my Mom, two older sisters, and their youngest sons (who are 17 and 19 ,respectively).


The deets:

Where we stayed:

We stayed at an Air Bnb home (I don't have the best pictures so I own't be posting, my bad) that had two bedrooms, one bathroom, and a small kitchen. This was my first time using Air Bnb and I was pleasantly surprised. The owner was easy to get in contact with and gave us a bunch of suggestions about the area. We also had a parking pass and never had an issue with parking. We stayed on the bottom floor of a brownstone in the cutest area about two miles from downtown D.C.

The museum:


Seven levels dedicated to African American history, sign me up! I was super excited to visit the museum after seeing many posts from fellow bloggers and friends. If you want to check out the museum, I recommend you get tickets in advance. My sister and Mom put in for tickets 3 months ahead of the time so we were sure to get a spot. If you are in DC and would like to go same day, they do have a limited number of same-day tickets available but from reports, you it’s best if you are waiting in the online cue before 6:30am the day of. Be mindful of the time slot you are given as you can only enter the museum on or after that slot.

My family and I took about four hours to go through the museum, including a stop at the cafe which was highly recommended. The check-in process was relatively easy. You are allowed to bring in water bottles and there are plenty of water fountains so you can refill at your leisure. Snacks and other food items are not allowed. The bottom three floors take you from pre-Slavery through abolition and the civil rights movement. The top floors are filled with memorabilia and information related to African American culture. I felt like I breezed through the bottom floors as I have been to several history museums and saw similar items and I was not as willing to digest the heaviness of being in that atmosphere. I was glad to reach the culture floors which gave offered some light and awesomely represented the influence African Americans have had in many areas including theatre, comedy, the arts, and music. I highly recommend you stop by this museum if you are in the area. There’s so much richness to be seen. If you are going with someone else, try to get tickets for two days so you can see the bottom and top sections of the museum on different days.


The eats:

Ah the eats. I always partake in local eateries when I am on vacation and this trip was no different. I am an avid Yelp user and tend to make that my go-to for restaurant referrals. Shout to my friend from Bali, Stef, who also referred me to some D.C. staples. Here’s the long and short of where we ate. Feel free to check out my Yelp reviews.

Sweet Home Cafe: This is located in the museum. It's a bit pricey but you can try food from several cultures. Feel free to mix and match your entree with a side from another section. You can see the menu options online (click the link).

Sweetgreen- we don’t have one in CT so whenever I’m in a big city, I always stop by.

Right Proper Brewing Company- I’m sure this place has 4 starts on Yelp because of the beer which I did not try. The staff were awesome and very attentive to our group but the food was kind of bland and left me feeling less than satisfied.

A Baked Joint- we stopped here for coffee. I had cold brew and my sister had an iced mocha. Both were bangin’ and reasonably priced for the area.

Agua 301- for happy hour. Try their mushroom taco and margarita!

Astro Doughnuts & Fried Chicken- donuts, chicken on a honey biscuit, need I say more

Compass Coffee- they’re nitro cold brew is the ish!

Ben’s Chili Bowl-a staple to the area. They have a beautiful mural on the wall on Ben’s Lane with side parking. I got the veggie chili with rice which was very good!


If you get a chance to stop by D.C., let me know if you try any of these places. I’m also interested in your favorite spots for the next time I’m in there area. Hope you enjoyed this post!

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