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Podcasts Are Taking Over My Life!!

Podcasts Are Taking Over My Life!!

My day job can be tough. I have seen and experienced some potentially traumatic things because of the population I work with. Needless to say, some days my mind is cluttered, especially during the drive home from work. I typically listen to music during my 40 minute commute but I was finding it quite annoying to keep searching for a playlist that would match my mood once I swiped out of my 9-5. One day I happened upon the podcast app on my iPhone (it’s a free app that is already loaded on the iPhone so you don’t have to download anything). I had seen podcasts advertised on different social media outlets so I searched through the top podcast series and decided to hit play. Ever since then, I’ve been hooked.

I typically listen to 1-3 podcast episodes every day depending on the length of the episodes. Baby, let me tell you, if you have never listened to a podcast then you will be happy once you do. It’s like how folks listened to series and shows on the radio back in the day, only you get to pick an episode/series at your choosing. Sometimes it can be overwhelming sifting through which episode I should listen to but just like choosing a song, I pick an episode based on what I want to hear that day. There are thousands of podcasts and many genres so feel free to check out the top 100 and the featured podcasts. If you don’t have an iPhone, many of the series can be found on Spotify or Soundcloud, as well.

Here are a few of my faves by category (not ranking order):


  1. The Read- Hands down this podcast is all things hilarious, educational, and full of shade. This is for the woke person who is interested in hearing the most recent highlights in news and pop-culture. The hosts, Kid Fury and Crissle, are unashamedly themselves which I appreciate because I feel like I’m involved in the discussion. They are listed on several lists as top podcast and I definitely encourage you to check them out. Fave segments are Black Excellence and The Read.

  2. The Friend Zone- One of my blogger friends in my head, HeyFranHey, and her two friends, Dustin and Assante, make up the folks on this show. The title says it all, I feel like their my friends. I often find myself nodding and laughing in agreement with the conversations they have. They are in their late 20’s to mid 30’s and chronicle the life of that age groups (which I am apart of) in an inviting way. Their focus is on mental wellness and mental hygiene, they also have segments on music, reality TV, and highlight a small business. I think they’re pretty dope and I’m sure you will, too.

  3. Yes, Girl- Essence Magazine has a podcast that I’ve recently discovered and they have great interviews with celebrities and influencers. I’m a new listener but I enjoy what I hear already.
  4. Last Name Basis- Franchesca Ramsey and her husband, Patrick are super cute and funny.


  1. Hands down, Myleik Teele’s podcast gives me life. She talks to you like one of your older sister friends who you go for great advice. Her tone is one of honesty, transparency, and authenticity. She always drops some gems as to how she started her business, Curl Box, and life improvement ideas.

  2. Support is Sexy. Ms. Elayne Fluker is a lady filled with class, patience, and kindness. She doles out daily podcasts which alternate between being encouraging, improving business skills, and interviewing other entrepreneurs. Her voice is so soothing and I enjoy listening to her podcasts when I need to get in beast mode and focus.

  3. Side Hustle Pro. Encouraging me to put my entrepreneur hat  on and realize how to monetize my passion. 
  4. Switch, Pivot, or Quit Podcast. Ms. Ahyiana Angel is the "chief encourager" helping your girl get her mind right several times a week.

Financial Literacy

  1. Dave Ramsey Show- He has great advice to help you build wealth and get that mula together!

  2. Clever Girl Finance- Mrs. Bola has saved 6 figures and embarked in entrepreneurship. She shares simple money tips for the everyday woman.

  3. Her Money with Jean Chatzky- known to me from The Today Show, she offers realistic money advice and has guests who teach us how to better our finances.


  1. Black Girl In Om- Two beautiful women assisting me with being more mindful and self-care

  2. Dreams In Drive- Rana Campbell sharing her interviews with women who have successful entrepreneurial careers

  3. Hey, Girl- Alex Elle and friends sharing their personal stories of inspiration, lessons, and triumps. Must listen! And follow her on IG where you can partake in the gems she drops on the daily.


  1. Missing Richard Simmons. I wanted to know what happened to Richard, too. Well written, sometimes feels a little too voyeuristic, but entertaining.

  2. Bronzeville- scripted series featuring the voices of Laurence Fishburne, Larenz Tate, Tika Sumpter, Traci Ellis Ross, to name a few. 

  3. S-Town. If you enjoy a whodunit, Dateline, or anything on Investigation Discovery channel then you'll enjoy this series about a journalist who was called to investigate an alleged murder in "Shit-Town". 

  4. Making Oprah- each episode highlighting the beginnings of the Oprah show. 

  5. Ted Talks- whatever you see on Youtube, is on the podcast. You can subscribe to the audio and video episodes.


  1. Pastor Rick’s Daily Hope- I love the way he teaches the Bible and the messages are easy to digest and applicable. Must listen!

  2. The Potter’s Touch with Bishop T.D. Jakes- 'nough said

  3. Joel Osteen- it's just like watching him on TV, most episodes are less than 30 minutes

  4. 1 Year Daily Audio Proverb- less than 5 minutes of a chapter of a proverb every day of the month

There are many more podcasts available for your listening pleasure but these are few of my faves. Comment below and let me know which podcast series or episodes are on your faves list. Happy listening! 


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