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What I'm Leaving Behind in 2017

What I'm Leaving Behind in 2017

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The year is almost to a close and I can't help but have a spirit of reflection. 2017 has definitely been an interesting year. I accomplished so much. I went on my first solo international trip to Bali. I started this blog! I made new blogger friends. I read some good books. I explored well-known U.S. cities. I worked on being intentional about my self-care. I started therapy. The list goes on and on. You can review all of these things from posts on the blog or on Instagram

Yes, I made some head way in 2017 and I feel like I know myself better. However, there are several things I would like to leave behind to clear some space for the journey of the upcoming year. 

1. I am leaving behind the feeling of having to take care of everyone. I have a bad habit of believing others need me to be involved in every aspect of their lives. If there's a party, I will take over hosting. I will change my schedule to make sure I am available to family or friends (even when I know I need to rest). To this, I am saying, no more. It is time I allowed people to live as they need to, not as I would like them to. 

2. I will begin to enjoy the beauty of the simple moments. Sometimes I can be so consumed with making sure everything is going right or that an experience lives up to the picture I have in my head that I end up frustrated and disappointed. In 2018, I will work on enjoying the moments and truly being present. I will play with my nephew (if even for 10 minutes) when he asks. I will bask in the sun as I move throughout the day. I will actually taste my food and enjoy making it. I will be present.

3. I will work on giving myself some grace when I mess up. Any one else feel like dooms day is lurking whenever you make a mistake? *raises hand* The reality is, a mistake is just a decision that didn't work out well. Although I wish I was little Miss Perfect, I am not. So I am going to work on being kinder to myself in the moments when I am not at my best. I can be my biggest cheerleader or my greatest enemy and I am choosing to love up on myself. 

So there you go. 2017, we lived, loved, laughed and had one heck of a time. Are you reflecting on the year and getting prepared for the one to come? If so, what are you leaving behind in 2017? Comment below and let's chat. 

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