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I Opened A Private Practice!


These past three months have been somewhat of a whirlwind. After months of reflection and planning, I finally went through with it... I opened a private practice! I am so excited to share this with you because I didn't come to this decision easily. In fact, I second-guessed and challenged myself all along the way. I never do anything that I don't plan on seeing through and I knew opening a business was not something I could decide quickly. So with careful consideration, lots of podcasts and blog reading, and encouragement from family and friends, I made the leap. 

I opened Simply Being Wellness Counseling! The practice is part-time as I still work a full-time job. I am offering services to women and those in helping (and service) professions. I see the benefit of providing a safe space to people who so generously dedicate their lives to helping others. I am super excited about this next step in my professional journey and I am open to what I will learn. I can only hope to be a good steward to those who choose to allow me into their inner world. 

I took a bit of a blogging break to focus my attention on starting the practice and have committed to improving my schedule so I can continue to stay up to date with Simply Being Kryssie blog. You can expect blog posts every 1st and 3rd Wednesday and I will continue to regularly update Instagram. I will be sure to update you on this journey. 

If you are in private practice or are thinking of branching out, leave me a comment, email, or DM me on IG. 



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