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Simply Kryssie Spiritual Wellness Month

Simply Kryssie Spiritual Wellness Month

September continues with Simply Kryssie’s Wellness Series and we are talking about taking care of your spirit. Mind, body, spirit. Sometimes we forget about the spirit because it’s not something we can see. But we can feel our spirit and it can be the driving force pushing us towards growth and change. Our spiritual bodies connect us to energy from God through the universe.

University of California Riverside defines Spiritual Wellness as a personal matter involving values and beliefs that provide a purpose in our lives.

Have you ever felt like you are just going through this life? You may need a reset or may need time to reevaluate the direction your life is going. Getting in touch with ourselves spiritually can help us to recall our reasons why, find purpose, and authentically express our beliefs.

This blog is about taking care of yourself through the journey. We are not merely spectators of this life. It is ours to live! When we are spiritually well, we feel in control of our life, inspired, we feel compassion, and push through fears. I hope these posts are as helpful for you as they are for me. This wellness series has kept me accountable and affirmed my desire to connect and support other women and professionals.

Every Wednesday of the month will have a post as to what I do for my spiritual health and what I hope are some helpful resources. I hope you check it out.

Here are two articles I enjoyed reading about spiritual wellness:

Definition of Wellness

Daily Practices for Spiritual Wellness




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